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Announcing the participants! 10 Jun, 2009

Posted by Anne Beaulieu in conference.
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We are very pleased to announce that the following participants will convene at the workshop on 2 October:

Kathrin Braun, London School of Economics: Governing proper talk (abstract)

Jonna Brenninkmeijer, University of Groningen: Brain devices (abstract)

Steve Brown, Loughborough University and Universiteit voor Humanistiek, Utrecht: Three minutes of silence (abstract)

Maarten Derksen, University of Groningen & Anne Beaulieu, Virtual Knowledge Studio, Amsterdam: Technologies in the social sciences (abstract)

Javier Lezaun, University of Oxford: Offshore democracy (abstract)

Ingmar Lippert, University of Augsburg: Dematerialising earth (abstract)

Katja Mayer, University of Vienna: Objectifying social structures (abstract)

Julie Sommerlund, Danish Design School & Sara Malou Strandvad, Roskilde University: Talent as social technology (abstract)

Katia Dupret Søndergaard, Aarhus University: Intangible and futile changes in psychiatric practice (abstract)

Tereza Stöckelová, Academy of Science of the Czech Republic: Mutability and mobility of social science knowledge (abstract)

Signe Vikkelsø, Copenhagen Business School: The experimentalism of psychoanalysis (abstract)



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