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Update on social technology 8 Oct, 2010

Posted by Anne Beaulieu in references.

A year post-workshop, we are pleased to report on a number of very nice developments around the contributions to the 2 October event in Amsterdam:

First, a number of publications have appeared or are about to appear in print:

Braun, K., Herrmann, S., Moore, A. & Könninger, S. (forthcoming, 2010). The politics of proper talk. Science, Technology and Human Values.

Brenninkmeijer, J. (2010). Taking care of one’s brain: how manipulating the brain changes people’s selves. History of the Human Sciences, 23, 107-126).

Derksen, M. and A. Beaulieu (2011) Social Technology, Handbook of the Philosophy of Social Science. Ian Jarvie and Jesús Zamora Bonilla Eds, Sage.

Lezaun, J. (forthcoming) Offshore Democracy: Launch and Landfall of a Socio-Technical Experiment. Economy & Society

Lippert, I. (under review) Dematerialising the earth, Ephemera.

One further paper is in preparation:

Katia Dupret Søndergaard, Intensive Social Technological Effects in Psychiatric Practice

And last but not least, Signe, Maarten and Anne, as the editors of the special issue on social technology of Theory & Psychology are very pleased to have sent off the entire issue to the editor-in-chief for final review, earlier this week!

The contents:

  • Maarten Derksen, Signe Vikkelsø and Anne Beaulieu, Introduction to social technology
  • Tereza Stöckelová, Social technology transfer? Movement of social science knowledge beyond the academy
  • Katja Mayer, Objectifying social structures: Enacting the social? Blanking the technological?
  • Julie Sommerlund, Sara Malou Strandvad, The promises of talent: Performing potentiality
  • Maarten Derksen, Control and resistance in the psychology of lying
  • Signe Vikkelsø, The fragility of a robust therapeutic technique: The case of Bion’s experience
  • Steve Brown, Three minutes of silence: Social technologies of public commemoration


1. Priti - 2 Aug, 2011

I am trying to get a copy of these publications without luck so far. Any help will be greatly appreciated!


2. Anne Beaulieu - 4 Sep, 2011

Hi Priti. Thanks for your interest in our work. We’ve just heard that the copy editing will begin this month and that the special issue is schedule for April. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the authors. And keep us posted of your work in this area please! Anne

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